Delivery Date

Today I pick up my 21-foot Lexor RV built from a Dodge Ram 3500, who, as mentioned, I’ve nicknamed Ramsey. I’m nervous as heck about driving him. He is a lot wider than my SUV, Alice, and has no bells and whistles to warn me if I wander into the wrong lane. The hardest part will be angling him into my driveway. Deep gutters threaten on each side. If I don’t turn at the right time, his wheel will drop in and get stuck. Not good. I am on the waiting list for the nearest RV parking place. Someone is vacating a place for me in a month. Meanwhile, my neighbors will have to put up with an elephant in my driveway.

I’ve gathered kitchen gear and linen items plus a few mechanical necessities like a clear elbow for the black tank hose and some wheel chocks. My list of needed equipment printed out on four pages: hoses, wrenches, water filters, surge protectors, on and on, not to mention a bicycle rack. Most of the RV bloggers and vloggers think the best deals are through Amazon and Wallmart versus stores like Camping World and my home RV dealer. I’ve got the list of prices in my handbag. Once I figure out how to drive Ramsey, I am ready to shop.

It’s Wednesday. A weekend looms. Hopefully, we will be ready for our first trip on Saturday – even if just for a day outing.


Ten days until my Lexor RV, Ramsey, arrives at the Pleasureway dealer in Sacramento. I can’t wait to pull him into my driveway, fit him out for travel, and head out to explore. I can’t tell you how many videos I have watched. Maybe I’ll make a few of my own. Stay tuned.